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We supply barrels to two distinct markets, being the Civilian / Sporting markets and Military / Law Enforcement markets.



Phoenix Barrels caters for a wide area of shooting disciplines, these range from the single deer stalker, to the discerning plinker, right up to the long-range precision shooter.  


Over the years, our barrels have won many competitions or taken many game trophies in the name of accuracy and consistency.


We are all keen shooters ourselves, and understand the demands you will expect shot after shot when one of our barrels is used. We work closely with a number of highly skilled gunsmiths to achieve the rifle you have always dreamed of.


Please see our links page for recommended gunsmiths that use our barrels. 


Or if you want a general chat about our products, please don’t hesitate to call us.     



If your company supplies the military or law enforcement sector and requires large quantities of barrel blanks, please feel free to contact Phoenix Barrels so we can discuss your needs and requirements. 


We cater for large quantity orders in quick turn-around times by working closely to achieve your desired specification of barrel blanks. We can advise on any areas you require, ranging from bore and groove dimensions in climate specific theatre’s, to material specs, surface finishes and custom profiles.


This part of the business is a bespoke service we are very proud of, and pride ourselves on the client relationship we build as the order develops. 


From the blistering heat of desert sun to the subfreezing arctic temperatures, our barrels have been used in some of the harshest conditions this planet has to offer; with unrivalled accuracy and shot to shot consistency. Fighting men and women have relied on them with their lives, to achieve their mission and get home safely. 

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